Monday, December 5, 2022

What are your favorite holiday ads?


With December here, the holiday season is front and center in many brands' advertising.

To quote advertising guru David Ogilvy, "A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself."

What are your fave brands during the holidays? What messaging is most compelling during the holidays? And which ads do you remember year after year?

Here are my fave holiday ads:

J & B
The print ad by J&B is timeless with its "Ingle Ells, Ingle Ells. The holidays aren't the same with J&B."

LESSON: Try different spellings of your brand name for effective and compelling storytelling.

The television ad featuring Hershey's kisses as ringing bells is as enjoyable and fun each year as it was when it was first unveiled in 1989.

LESSON: Humor always wins.

Watch the ad here:

With an image of Santa's sleigh fallen over in the snow and packages on the ground, the tagline speaks loudly: "Don't drink and drive."

LESSON: Despite the goodwill of the holiday season, there are important messages that need to be shared.

Santa's group of reindeer are a fleet of Mercedes-Benz cars and SUV's.

LESSON: Showcase your brand by integrating elements of the holiday season.

Each year, this British retailer creates a unique TV ad that surprises and wows - and tells a heartwarming story.

LESSON: Surprise and wow your customers and fans with your holiday storytelling.

If your brand learn from these lessons, your holiday advertising will, without a doubt, stand out and be memorable.

Happy holiday advertising, and happy holidays!

Image Credits: Heineken, Hershey's, and J&B.

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