Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to Create a Customized Twitter Experience

So many folks talk about Facebook and Google+ that it's easy to lose sight of the other key social media site. I'm not talking about YouTube, LinkedIn, or Flickr. I'm talking about Twitter.

You may wonder why this distant social media cousin only gets media attention when a company's spokesperson posts something inappropriate (think back to the Aflac duck, Chrysler, and most recently, Ashton Kutcher). But for the millions of us who tweet on a daily basis, Twitter is a marketing vehicle that adds value.

If you want to improve your Twitter effectiveness, meet Twylah and some exciting things it can do:
  • Your Tweets are presented in a more user-friendly manner – and you can pin your preferred top categories.
  • Your Tweets have a longer lifespan than when just posted to the Twitter stream because they live on through SEO.
  • You own your traffic and content and can monetize that traffic – while this is still in the beta phase, see Bon Jovi’s page for a sneak peak.

Here are some Twylah pages for you to check out:

If you would like to sign up for Twylah, visit the site at and click on “request invite.” You will hear back from Twylah shortly. When you do, please respond to the welcome email with questions or comments.