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FALL BACK TO READING SERIES – Featuring Suzanne Huber

This year, as the seasons change and we enjoy fall, I’ve launched my FALL BACK TO READING SERIES. The series will feature two dozen leadership and marketing experts, who will share their inspiration in both fiction and nonfiction, and hopefully, provide the impetus to read more. To quote New York Times Bestselling author Kristin Harmel, “If you give a person a book, you give him the world.” For today’s post, I’d like to introduce Suzanne Huber.

Suzanne Huber is an award-winning digital strategist who has helped hundreds of companies and nonprofits attract new customers while growing brand awareness. Her company creates marketing strategies and provides outsourced digital marketing solutions that drive client acquisition. Suzanne also works with and trains small and medium-sized companies to launch their own innovative marketing campaigns that take their organizations to new heights.

QUESTION: Which three business books have made the biggest impact on your career?
SUZY HUBER: Here are my three:

Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins: This book taught me to think big and the power of goal settings and making sure you are reaching for fulfillment across all areas of your life. I revisit the goal setting exercise in the book often and have found most have come true. It reminds me that I need to go back and make some fresh ones for where I am today.

Super Attractor by Gabrielle Berstein: Though not a business book, spirituality and personal development books are relevant for business as far as I am concerned. It may come across as a bit “woo” to some, but I find her writing very compatible with my views of the world and creating a life of meaning with the support of the universe.

Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott: Since we are all living a different reality, we need to interrogate it regularly to ensure we are having effective communication with others, so that we are actually on the same page. This book has been very influential in my understanding as to how we are all thinking and acting differently so we need to regularly check in with both parties to make sure we are aligned in what we are trying to communicate to others.

QUESTION: Who is your favorite author, and why?
SUZY HUBER: Gabrielle Bernstein is my favorite author and one of the few whose books I purchase when they are released. Her spirituality and leadership commentary positively impact my visioning/manifesting and is also great for mindset work. I have been watching her career and have watched her build from the ground up, becoming a multiple times New York Times best-selling author. Gabby is inspirational and motivational. She represents the new age of spirituality, and that has a big impact on my relationship with the universe through her teachings.

QUESTION: What book did you read in high school or college that, to this day, you still remember vividly, and why?
SUZY HUBER: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This book was given to me as a gift and didn’t really resonate with me the first time I read it. A friend suggested I read it again, and the underlying messages hit differently. I have also read most of Paulo’s others books. I love how he simplifies life wisdom in a way that resonates through his quotes and fables.

QUESTION: If you created a nonprofit organization to promote reading to children and young adults, what would you name it, and why?
SUZY HUBER: Intellect Ignited: Unleashing the Power of Knowledge.

Reading affords the opportunity to expand your imagination and knowledge, and to tap into the thinking of brilliant minds. When I was little, I used to ride my bike to the library and load up on books. Reading helps to develop your mind. I love that I can read or listen to a book and download a lifetime of work by someone very proficient in a topic. Reading and learning to think independently are extremely valuable life skills to develop that can help you to design a future with intentionality.

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My gratitude to Suzy for participating in this year’s fall back to reading series and for sharing her inspiring recommendations!

Image Credit: Brad Mills via Unsplash.

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