Sunday, August 20, 2023

What if we stopped calling X by X?

By now, everyone who uses social media platforms on a regular basis has heard that Twitter is no longer going by the name Twitter, and lots of Twitter users keep asking WHY. Elon Musk has dramatically changed the name of the social media water cooler to X, just the letter X. While this re-branding is crazy, it definitely caught the attention of the media.

According to Wes Davis of The Verge:

“The letter X has been on just about everything Musk has touched for the last two-plus decades. was the original name for PayPal; it’s in his SpaceX company name; it’s in the name for the Tesla SUV; it anchors X.AI and his kid X Æ A-12; and he has said he wants to turn Twitter into “X, the everything app.” Now, he’s finally doing something with the domain he bought back from PayPal in 2017.”

But, here’s a solution: What would happen if no one called Twitter by its new name? What would happen if no one changed the logo on their website or when using the platform? What would happen if no one changed the URL anywhere that they had Twitter’s URL?

This would make the name change and brand re-design effectively mute. It would be an uprising by users telling Elon Musk that they dislike his actions.

How about you? Do you miss the Twitter name and bird? Do you still use Twitter? Would you participate in a protest to keep the name and logo? Count me in.

Image Credit: Twitter.

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