Sunday, March 5, 2023

Marketing News of the Week: Nokia, Barbie and More

This week, there were many news stories that impacted marketing messages and messaging.

The brand known as just a phone company launched its new brand identity.

According to Nokia President and CEO Pekka Lundmark, “Our new visual identity captures Nokia as we are today, with renewed energy and commitment as pioneers of digital transformation. We built on the heritage of our previous logo, but made it feel more contemporary and digital, to reflect our current identity. But this isn’t just about what we look like. It’s about our strength in networking, innovation, collaborative partnerships, and technology leadership. It’s about our value propositions in current and prospective markets. And most of all, it’s about our people. In my view, Nokia has the best, most talented and inspiring people in the business. Every day, I feel privileged to work alongside them. So Nokia’s leadership team and I wanted to create a new brand that worked for them, representing who they are, what they do, and why they do it.”

When have you heard from a member of an organization’s C-Suite that a brand refresh was FOR THE EMPLOYEES?

Ahead of the big screen debut of Barbie in movie theatres in July, a one-of-a-kind immersive experience produced by global toy-maker Mattel and global live entertainment event company Kilburn Live is set to arrive in Santa Monica, California. Visitors can explore Barbie’s dreamhouse, camper van, and more. With the film four months away, this immersive experience is a perfect way to promote the film and the iconic brand.

According to CNN, “Baked goods company Entenmann’s is bringing back its cellophane window packaging after a two-year absence caused by flood damage at the factory that produces the iconic white and blue cartons. The cellophane window has been a recognizable feature for more than 70 years, allowing shoppers to view the tasty treats they’re buying.”

The online reference site announced that it added 313 new entries, 130 new definitions for existing entries, and 1,140 revised definitions. According to John Kelly, senior director of digital content, “It’s not surprising that this new digital context of our lives is necessitating a new kind of language.”

Here are five additions:

988: In the United States, the telephone number for a mental health crisis hotline staffed by licensed counselors and other staff trained in suicide prevention.

Cakeism: The false belief that one can enjoy the benefits of two choices that are in fact mutually exclusive, or have it both ways.

Petfluencer: A person who gains a large following on social media by posting entertaining images or videos of their cat, dog, or other pet.

Pinkwashing: An instance or practice of acknowledging and promoting the civil liberties of the LGBTQ+ community, but specifically, as a ploy to divert attention from allegiances and activities that are in fact hostile to such liberties.

Subvarient: A genetically distinct form of a virus, bacteria, or other microorganism, which arises when a variant of the original strain mutates.


For over 100 years, Girl Scouts have sold cookies as a way to help its members build their business skills and raise money for their groups. However, the Raspberry Rally Girl Scouts cookie, a raspberry-flavored version of the Thin Mint variety, was a limited-edition cookie. And it sold out in hours. So, what happened? The cookies could be found for sale on eBay – some for $30 instead of the $5 or $6 regular price.

According to Girl Scouts, “When cookies are purchased through a third-party seller, Girl Scout troops are deprived of proceeds that fund critical programming throughout the year. Plus, unauthorized sales can erode Girl Scouts’ good cookie name.”

According to eBay, who had no intent to pull the product, “We strongly support the entrepreneurial spirit of hardworking local Girl Scout troops and encourage cookie-seekers to also support their local Girl Scouts. However, the sale of Girl Scout cookies does not violate eBay policies.”

Talk about the power of eBay! Did you ever think Girl Scout cookies would be on eBay? It was only a matter of time.

Lastly, there is growing buzz surrounding the C-Suite title of Chief Data Officer or CDO. The most forward-looking organizations are appointing a CDO, since they understand the importance of data and how effective manipulation and analysis of data can lead to repeat sales and acquisition of new customers.

What other marketing news stood out to you this week?

What will be the marketing buzz next week? Tune in to read all about it.

Image Credits: Nokia and the World of Barbie.

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