Monday, July 4, 2022

What Brand Stands Out to You on Independence Day?

What brands come to mind that symbolize or embody Independence Day?

Here are some brands featuring the word “American” that you might recognize: American Airlines, American Broadcasting Company (ABC), American Eagle Outfitters, American Express, American Fireworks, American Freight, American Greetings Corporation, and Bank of America.

There is no doubt that these brands can, and do, celebrate more brand awareness during the days leading up to July Fourth as well as on the day of the annual holiday itself.

They may align their logo, email messaging, social media posts, and/or advertising with the red, white, and blue colors of the American flag. They may also include some form of “independence” theme in a tagline or logo. But they should never lose sight of the competitive positioning that they’ve worked hard to achieve over the years.

Does your brand’s name align with a national park or national monument? If yes, then your brand has a head start on brand awareness. Consider the effective branding if your brand name happens to be Mount Rushmore Cement Company or Yellowstone Coffee or Liberty Bell Music Store.

In all of these scenarios, the first goal of all marketing campaigns has been achieved: There is immediate brand recognition.

However, remember, the buzz of the moment should NEVER overshadow your core brand promise, brand story, and mission.

So what brand stands out to YOU on Independence Day? Please chime in and share.

Image Credit: Swapnil Bhagwat via Unsplash.

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