Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What’s Social Media Got to Do with Logo Design?

Years ago, when social media was new, brands were forced to alter their logos to fit into squares. This was because brands needed recognizable profile images for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more. However, as social platforms continue to evolve, the idea of altering a logo for events or themed occasions has taken center stage.

Recently, the Los Angeles Dodgers major league baseball team traveled to Mexico for the 2018 Mexico Series. From a marketing perspective, the most important news from this three-game series was that the Dodgers, who normally feature either a solid blue logo, or blue and white logo, or blue, white, and red logo SUDDENLY featured a green, white, and red logo – colors that comprise the Mexican flag. The altered logo was prominently featured on the Dodgers’ key social channels including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Once the series ended, the Dodgers
red, white, and blue logo re-appeared throughout social media.

Has your brand ever done something similar? Have you altered your logo to promote an event or a cause? Have you added a ribbon, changed a key color, added wording, or something else that doesn’t adhere to your brand style guide?

If yes, how have your customers, fans, and prospects reacted? How has the media reacted? Have they supported the change? Have they responded? Have they even noticed? Or was the change so miniscule that no one noticed?

Perhaps, the take-away is that you should issue a press release before the altered logo is launched to explain the reason or reasons for the change and the time frame for the altered logo. Even if a huge following doesn’t catch (no pun intended) the altered logo, it will live on in your online press room.

Image Credit: Los Angeles Dodgers via Twitter.

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