Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Best Brand Post of the Month!

From a brand strategy or brand marketing perspective, what post do you recall during the month of April? Keep in mind, April First was April Fools' Day, which means that brands had an opportunity to stand out from their competition in a unique or memorable way. Whether the platform was Twitter/X, Facebook, Instagram, Threads, YouTube, LinkedIn, an email blast, a specially-created web page, or another form of messaging, April First was the day for brands to shine!

This year, on April Fools' Day, Oreo posted the best post after changing its brief description to: "We're done."

Oreo posted the following message on Twitter/X:

"After time and consideration, we have made the decision to separate the cookie and the creme duo that you all know to be as OREO cookies. There are no secrets or anyone to blame, we are just two best friends who met at a very young age and have grown over the past 112 years in our own ways. We appreciate your continuous support as we enter this new chapter, separately."

Then, "Follow @just_the_water and @just_the_creme on Instagram for more."

The message was signed: "Wafer and Creme."

On Instagram, @just_the_creme described itself as: "Better off alone."

On Instagram, @just_the_wafer described itself as: "This cookie won't crumble."

A follow-up post stated: "Just the Creme and Just the Wafer hit shelves 4/31."

However, note that, April has only 30 days. So, if you had not realized that this content was an April Fools' Day joke, that final post provided the gotcha!

Does this content rival previous April Fools' Day jokes, such as, the Google to Topeka name change in 2010, the BMW lunar paint color to charge electric vehicles in 2019, the Tiffany & Co. color change from iconic blue to yellow in 2021, or the Volkswagen to Voltswagen name change in 2021?

My answer is a definite YES!

Now, the big question is, which brand will WOW us next April Fools' Day?

Image Credits: Oreo.

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