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SPRING LEADERSHIP SERIES – Featuring Joseph Lalonde

Last fall, I featured an inspiring series here on my blog called, "Fall Back to Reading Series." Nearly 30 leadership, marketing, and customer experience experts participated and shared their favorite books and their thoughts about the importance of reading.

Joseph Lalonde, one participant and leadership expert, wrote a book entitled, REEL LEADERSHIP, which focuses on nontraditional ways to think about leadership. After I read the book, the seeds for this "Spring Leadership Series" were planted. Today, Joseph kicks off the series, following a brief introduction, and I hope you enjoy thinking about leadership in nontraditional ways!

Joseph Lalonde is experienced in all aspects of IT, leadership, project/sales, and design with a history of working with small businesses and individuals. He is also an award-winning leadership blogger ranked in the top 40 leadership blogs in the world. His book Reel Leadership showcases the intersection of leadership and entertainment.

QUESTION: Which TV show or TV series showcases leadership in a memorable way? This could be due to a specific character and their actions, a series of events, the plot of one or several episodes, or a specific time reflected in history.
JOSEPH LALONDE: The first TV show/series that came to mind is THE SHIELD. It stars Michael Chiklis as Detective Vic Mackey. He leads an anti-gang task force for the fictional Farmington police department in California. Mackey starts off as someone who wants to do good, be a family man, and more. However, he takes small and big actions that detour him from the man he wants to be into a ruthless and brutal detective. The Shield shows us how someone who wants to be a great leader can slowly move themselves over the edge into corruption.

QUESTION: Which film showcases leadership in a memorable way?
JOSEPH LALONDE: I believe almost any movie can showcase leadership. Movies are stories, and stories are memorable. Let me share one example from the recent film WONKA, the prequel to Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. It tells the story of Willy Wonka before we meet him in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. In one scene, Wonka had promised to give Noodle, an indentured servant much like him, a lifetime supply of chocolate for her help. Noodle helped him, and he passed her a basket full of his delectable chocolates. When she asked him what he was doing, he said that he made a promise and meant to keep his promise. This exemplifies the fact that leaders have to be people who keep their word, despite the cost.

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QUESTION: Which work of fiction showcases leadership in a memorable way?
JOSEPH LALONDE: When I think of a great piece of fiction with leadership lessons strewn throughout it, I have to go to LORD OF THE RINGS by JRR Tolkien. I think of the character Gandalf. He's a wise wizard who starts Frodo on his adventure. Throughout the book series, Gandalf weaves his story in and through Frodo's. He doesn't stay for long, but he leaves a lasting impact. What does this mean for leaders? We don't have to be a constant, overbearing presence on the people we lead. We can touch base, share our wisdom, and encourage our people. Be that kind of leader.

QUESTION: Which product, or product line, stands out as a symbol of leadership?
JOSEPH LALONDE: Here are two: BARBIE really redefined what a woman was capable of and gave girls of all ages something to aspire to, and GI JOE did something similar for boys and inspired them through the leadership of the characters and taught about career paths in the military and beyond.

QUESTION: Lastly, which brand is the best embodiment of an industry leader, and why?
JOSEPH LALONDE: To be frank, I'm hesitant to answer this question. Not because there aren't industry leaders out there, but because industry leaders change so rapidly that the brand I see as an industry leader today may not be around tomorrow. One brand that comes to mind though is Weaving Influence. They're an industry leader in the book promotion world. Becky Robinson and her team have carved out a corner in this niche industry, and they're the first organization that I think of when I think of promoting a book or idea. Their integrity is beyond reproach, they deal with amazing authors, and they give people a voice.

Did these questions open your eyes to thinking about leadership in nontraditional ways? That was the hope. My gratitude to Joseph for planting the seed for this leadership series, for appearing on my blog, and for sharing his leadership insights.

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