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Celebrating Post Number 600 on #DebbieLaskeysBlog!

I have enjoyed writing blog posts and sharing my commentary about marketing and leadership for many years, since 2009 to be exact. Post number 500 was written and published with no trumpets blaring and no big celebration - however, not 600. For post number 600, I've decided to share a recap of my favorite topics, posts, and guest experts. So find a comfortable chair and join me on a journey down memory lane.

My first post was published on October 9, 2009, and was entitled, "GM Hired a Woman to Lead US Sales - Yes, a Woman." I vividly recall my discussion with my company's web designer at the time as we discussed this exciting announcement. He suggested that, if I felt strongly about the news, I should start a blog to share my commentary. I did, and my blog is going strong nearly 15 years and 600 posts later.

As the URL evolved into the name of the blog, Debbie Laskey's Blog, it was time for a hashtag to also appear, thus, the creation of #DebbieLaskeysBlog in August 2021. It has since accompanied all posts on Twitter/X, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Threads, and Mastodon.

As I wrote in November 2009, "Should You Blog? Blogs have been around since the early 1990’s, but should you have one? If you answer YES, then find your voice. If you are an individual, write as you speak and share your expertise. If a company, determine your company’s voice and make sure that the senior management team approves. Second, develop a timeline for updating your Blog. Daily may be too much work – weekly or monthly may be better options. Third, create a strategy for content. Decide on key themes or topics. Future topics will be derived from visitor feedback, and research industry-specific venues for additional ideas. Now, start blogging!"

Some memorable posts include the following about brand identity, brand strategy, personal branding, leadership tips, and brand promotions:
*April 2016: When Creating a Product Name, ONE WORD Can Make a Difference
*October 2016: Three Branding Lessons from Binge Watching
*November 2016: Five #LeadershipTips from the 2016 Presidential Election
*November 2016: Six Branding Tips from the LA Auto Show
*February 2020: What's Your Favorite Valentine's Day Brand?
*April 2020: What's Your Favorite Easter Brand?
*April 2021: Does Your Brand Recognize April Fool’s Day?
*November 2022: What Brand Stands Out on Thanksgiving?
*December 2022: What Are Your Favorite Holiday Ads?
*December 2022: Five Personal Branding Lessons from Santa
*December 2022: What's Your Favorite Brand the Day After Christmas?
*December 2022: What Are the Most Famous Brands on December 31st and January 1st?
*April 2023: Don't Fool Your Customers TOO Much on April Fools' Day
*December 2023: Happy #NationalChampagneDay
*January 2024: "Top 10" New Year's Resolutions for Leaders

Beginning in December 2022, I created a weekly series called "Marketing News of the Week." From the health scare of Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin and the amazing amount of donations to redesigned products promoting the Lunar New Year, these posts provided explanations as to how mainstream news impacted marketing. While intended to be a weekly series, these posts sometimes appear a couple of times a month.

As a lifelong fan of reading who has shared a myriad of book reviews on my blog, during the fall of 2023, I created a series called the "Fall Back to Reading Series" and invited 30 leadership, marketing, and customer experience experts to answer the same questions ranging from the three business books that made the biggest impact on their careers to their favorite authors to creative names for a nonprofit to promote reading to children and young adults. Series highlights appeared on my blog on January 31, 2024.

Each year while watching the Super Bowl, I also watched the ads, also referred to as the #AdBowl and the #BrandBowl. I sometimes annoyed family and friends because I took notes during the ads and asked my fellow game watchers to quiet down during the ads - not something easily accomplished during the year's most important football game. And then, the following Monday, while football experts played "Monday Morning Quarterbacking" about the game's highs and lows, I always posted my recap of the best (and sometimes worst) ads. To date, I've written 12 of these posts.

As a marketing pro, without a doubt, my favorite series has been my annual "Top 10 Marketing Highlights" posts. They were written with a nod to David Letterman for the format and appeared on the first day of each year. To date, I've written 14 of these posts.

Starting in 2022, I created an annual series called "(year) Was the Year of #BrandIdentity Changes." In this annual recap published in January, I provided details of interesting brands that either rebranded, changed their logo, changed their name, co-branded, formed an interesting partnership, created a unique hashtag to match a campaign, changed iconic packaging, or in some other way made branding news during the year. So far, I've written two of these posts.

Also starting in 2022, I created an annual series called "Words and Terms that Told the Story of (year)." In this annual recap published in January, I shared key words that appeared again and again in news broadcasts as well as the most searched term on Google. So far, I've written two of these posts.

Also started in 2022, I created an annual series called "Notable Deaths in (year) and Some Personal Branding Tips." In this annual recap published in January, I shared a list of individuals who passed away the previous year and why they inspired me. So far, I've written two of these posts.

Also starting in 2022, I created an annual series called "Barbie Made News in (year)." In this annual recap published in January, I provided details of the Barbie dolls released by Mattel during the year to celebrate important women and their accomplishments. Of course, during 2023, the blockbuster film made news. So far, I've written two of these posts.

From February 2013 through June 2014, I served as a writer for the "IBM Midsize Insider Program," and many of my posts during that time were written about marketing and social media put into perspective for midsize businesses. Those specific posts appeared first on IBM’s website, and once live, they then appeared on my blog.

Over the years, my blog has received some much-appreciated recognition. As a result of my posts, I was invited to be a "Featured Contributor" to, and I wrote unique posts specifically for that online community. In addition, my blog was included in the BRANDING category in James Strock's SERVE TO LEAD BLOGS LIST in 2021 and also in the Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness TOP LEADERSHIP BLOG LIST in 2014.

Lastly, 18 experts (authors/speakers/coaches) graciously appeared on my blog in Q&A formats several times. I'd like to give a BIG shout-out with applause to them now: Erika Andersen, Melanie Bell, Julia Carcamo, Susan Colantuono, Doug Dickerson, Amy Diehl, Kevin Eikenberry, Joni M. Fisher, Lee Goldberg, Mark Herbert, Rebecca Herold, Shep Hyken, Eric Jacobson, Jim Joseph, Michael McKinney, Katherine Spinney, James Strock, and Ron Thomas. These individuals have made a long-lasting impact on my blog and on me, and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

Writers often talk about writer's block or looking at a blank piece of paper with a big question mark. But this recap has shown that when you view the world through "marketing-colored glasses," then writer's block is not an issue. There are just too many marketing-related topics to write about. I wish to thank you for joining me on this trip down memory lane and for continuing to read my posts. See you next time on #DebbieLaskeysBlog - for post #601 and beyond!

Image Credit: Debbie Laskey.


  1. Debbie, congratulations on creating, building and maintaining such an effective vehicle over the years. My, the topics you have covered with such versatility! Here’s to 600 more!!!

  2. Congratulations, Debbie! 600! That's a HUGE number. You and I started "blogging" and writing articles long before it was in vogue. I started a quarterly "snail-mailed" newsletter back in 1990. I remember taking a survey about switching to email. Most everyone said, "NO!!!" I did anyway! :) And it was just a matter of time before the naysayers said, "Good move!"

    Debbie, to come up with 600 articles/posts/blogs - it's not easy! Thank you for your wisdom, you're willingness to share it, and for being a truly nice person!


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