Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Brands Must Promote Equality 365 Days a Year - Not Just During June

What did your brand do during the month of June that might have been different than other months? Did you change your logo colors? Did you add a new tagline to your logo? Did you send email blasts promoting equality? 

No matter how you altered your marketing campaigns during Pride Month to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion, the better solution is to actively promote these important organizational characteristics and brand attributes each and every day of the year - not just during the month of June.

To quote Unbounce (@Unbounce on Twitter), "Representation in marketing matters. The images you choose can either perpetuate or break down stereotypes."

Two brands recently launched an LGBTQ+ Guidebook to support brands as they make more inclusive visual choices. Here is a link to the Guidebook:

According to The Visibility Project launched by GLAAD and Proctor & Gamble, "Brands can no longer afford to isolate themselves from important cultural conversations around inclusion, equality, and equity. In response to COVID-19’s global pandemic and to the U.S.’s racial injustices and reckoning, consumers expect – and respect – brands that make social statements supporting true inclusion and equality. Consumers require more than just words or writing a check. True investment in Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion requires strategic planning, design, and action."

Read the findings from the Advertiser and Agency Perspectives on LGBTQ Inclusion Study here:

So, what did your brand do during June? Perhaps, the marketing changes that your brand did during June were a start. But, don't stop now that June has ended.

"Diversity, inclusion, and  representation are simply good for business and good for the world.” ~Sarah Kate Ellis, President & CEO, GLAAD (@sarahkateellis of @glaad)

Image Credits: Oreo, Museum of Modern Art, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, and T-Mobile.

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