Sunday, December 1, 2019

What's Your Favorite Holiday Brand?

With the holiday season well underway, what brands stand out? What brands use clever words or spokespeople for unique holiday marketing or advertising campaigns? What brands do you embrace every December? What brands symbolize a happy and healthy holiday season?

There are some brands that announce holiday time to me, and I'd like to share five of them.

One of the world's most iconic brands features special spokespeople, or in this case, spokes-bears during the holidays. Polar bears and their friends appear and always create heartwarming smiles.

[2] M&M'S
A chocolate favorite throughout the year, M&M's features red and green candy especially for the Christmas holiday.

Tiffany & Company has long been synonymous with diamond rings that come in little blue boxes. But during the holiday season, the best holiday traditions arrive in little blue boxes.

This toy brand unveils an annual "Holiday Barbie." According to the Barbie website, "For decades, the Holiday Barbie doll has embodied the spirit of a season marked by wonder and celebration. 2019 Holiday Barbie doll shines in an elegant gown with red and white holiday print and silvery sparkle detail. A beautiful bow adorns the gown’s shoulder and complements a dramatic red train. ‘Tis the season to smile wider, hug your loved ones a little tighter and savor that magical holiday spirit. Reflecting the sparkle and jubilation of holiday festivities, 2019 Holiday Barbie doll is the definitive celebration of a season full of love."

When you wish someone happy holidays, if you work for Honda, the phrase becomes "Happy Honda Days." This catchy phrase has been in our advertising lingo for many years, and it represents car sales at Honda dealerships from November through early January each year.

What about you? What brands stand out in a very crowded marketplace, especially during the holidays? I posit that the holidays present an exciting opportunity to stand far apart from the competition and win customers not just during the holiday season but all year long.

Image Credit: Layout app featuring Mattel, Honda, Tiffany & Co., M&M's, and Coca-Cola.

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