Monday, September 10, 2012

10 Tips for Effective Brand Marketing

No matter what you sell apples, office furniture, or airplane engines it’s a good idea to regularly check if your marketing campaigns are aligned with your target customers and your overall brand message.

So in the spirit of David Letterman’s Top Ten Lists, here are my top ten tips or strategies for effective brand marketing.

[1] Clearly and simply explain your brand promise in your employee handbook – most employees won't visit your website or read your brochures.

[2] Define your brand and what it represents to customers and stakeholders – and allow your brand’s unique personality to stand out among the competition.

[3] Create a company name that is memorable as well as easy to pronounce and spell.

[4] If you include a tagline with your company name or logo, make sure it adds value and doesn't just repeat the business name or initials.

[5] Create a style guide that explains how to reproduce your logo (color, size, font, etc.).

[6] Ensure that all your marketing, advertising, website, press releases, logos, signage, corporate communications, etc., convey the same message.

[7] Determine your competitive advantage – what makes your product or service unique and makes it stand out from others in your industry.

[8] Think very carefully before launching brand extensions – they must fit with the overall brand and not cause confusion – they could unintentionally result in loss of market share.

[9] Social media may be a useful tool for your company or brand to tell a story and participate in conversations.

[10] Always remember, all of your employees are brand advocates whether they work as official members of the marketing department or not – therefore, reinforce the brand’s key attributes by educating all employees and spend the time to create a positive culture where employees are recognized and rewarded so that they will become enthusiastic brand advocates.

If you spend the time to implement these ten strategies, your workplace will be a great place to work, your employees will be amazingly convincing brand advocates, and your brand will be on the road toward becoming an industry leader.


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