Friday, January 13, 2012

How Social Media Impacts Real Life

For several years, social media has been the marketing buzz term of choice. Everyone ranging from CEOs to marketing experts to members of the mainstream media has an opinion about social media and its impact on products, services, and brands. While there is no denying that social media has also made an impact on job-searching and professional networking, let’s not lose sight of the core component of social media: the little word “social.” In the words of Vala Afshar, “Don’t do social. Be social.”

Starting with the early versions of Facebook and Twitter, the social connection was front and center. Ask yourself how you feel when you receive a Facebook invitation from an old pal from high school, or a name from the past surfaces and it’s someone you knew back in elementary school. Yes, the ability to connect online is an amazing feat – but the truth is, we all enjoy re-connecting with old friends, family that may live far away, and also making new friends. And social media is the modern way to do this.

My digital footprint resembles most of yours: I have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Quora, Focus, SlideShare, and a Blog. As a brand marketing professional, I use social media to share marketing insights, contribute to conversations, learn about future trends, and network.

But, I have also experienced some exciting opportunities as a result of my social media participation that goes above and beyond my professional connections. I was invited to be a guest on two radio shows. One aired earlier this week, and I discussed the privacy implications of social media. The second will be broadcast at the end of January 2012, and I will discuss the alignment of marketing and leadership. I was also asked to write a foreword for a book about career development – and the book will be published in February 2012. I was invited to write guest posts for 12 different blogs on topics ranging from marketing and branding to management and leadership – and am now a regular contributor to two of the blogs. I met the co-founder of a unique website that customizes the Twitter experience for better SEO performance and based on my enthusiasm for the site, worked in a consulting capacity to promote the site to colleagues who use Twitter.

Last but not least, I have met hundreds and hundreds of incredibly talented people from around the world – from Africa to Australia to Asia to Europe to South America to Canada and all across the USA – who I would never have had the chance to meet without social media. I have collaborated with many and, without a doubt, learned something from all.

What about you? What have you gained from your participation in social media? Is there one site that outshines all the rest? Please chime in and share.


  1. Debbie,

    Thank you for sharing! You've done quite well in the social space - both personally and professionally.

    If you're talking about Twylah, I love it -- Have my own branded page that is a sub-domain on my site. I own my tweets. And, I value this tool a bit more keeping in mind my friendship with you.

    What have I gained from social media?

    I've gained and re-gained connections.
    I've created a marketable online presence.
    I've learned my profession via social media.
    And I've learned about too many topics to count!

    An amazing thing that keeps our world spinning...

    So glad my world spins with you in it!!


  2. Debbie,

    Thanks for sharing this post with me! It is inspiring to hear about the opportunities you've found as a result of social media.

    I am glad to be connected to you!


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