Friday, November 12, 2010

How valuable is your blog real estate?

Recently, I read an article that advised not including a blogroll on a blog. So, I started to wonder: how valuable is the space on your blog? I’m talking about the area other than where you feature your posts. This could be the top, bottom, or left or right sidebars. While you may include icons or buttons for key social media sites (such as, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube), as well as a list of categories, archives, keywords, search function, and request for email address/option to subscribe, there may still be some available space.

According to Wikipedia, a blogroll is a list of other blogs that a blogger recommends by providing titles and links usually in a sidebar list.

So, why would someone write a blog post with the recommendation to NOT include other blogs? Unless the blogger copies content on a regular basis, there is really no logical reason. Upon further consideration, I have assembled my reasons to include a blogroll:

  • Add depth to your blog
  • Promote key influencers
  • Provide different perspectives
  • Introduce new writers
  • Provide opportunity for reciprocal links

All of these reasons point to the purpose of a blog in the first place. What value does a blog create if it doesn’t force a reader to think? The addition of a blogroll adds value since it provides other blogs featuring countless posts to read and ponder. You never know when one post could lead to the next great American novel or Pullitzer Prize-winning article!

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