Friday, February 3, 2023

Marketing News of the Week: Disney100, Covid, and More

This week, there were many marketing-related stories in the news.

This week marked the beginning of the celebration of The Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary. According to David Gonzalez, “To celebrate the huge milestone, the “Happiest Place on Earth” (Disneyland and Disney California Adventure) is decked out in platinum-infused d├ęcor, which includes statues and “Disney100” medallions. Visitors will be able to get their hands on new merchandise and themed food and drinks. But you can’t forget about Mickey, Minnie, and their friends, who will be joining in on the festivities wearing new, sparkling outfits to mark the occasion.” Will you visit and purchase new stuff?

This week, President Biden announced that his administration will end the COVID-19 national and public health emergencies on May 11. This would be a major step to signal that the crisis is over. According to a senior official, “This decision is based on what is best for the health of our country at this time. We’re in a pretty good place in the pandemic, we’ve come through the winter, cases are down dramatically from where they were the past two winters.”

This week, actress and comedian Cindy Williams died. She was best known as the prim and proper half of TV’s “Laverne and Shirley,” a big TV hit during the 1970’s when 1950’s nostalgia was successfully portrayed on television. In addition, the “Laverne and Shirley” characters were very reminiscent of two other famous funny ladies, Lucy and Ethel from the 1950’s. The overall theme of the show was friendship – something truly universal.

So many television channels, too little time. This week, Showtime and Paramount+ merged as one streaming service. According to Bob Bakish of Paramount Global, “With Showtime’s content integrated into our flagship streaming service, Paramount+ will become the definitive multi-platform brand in the steaming space.”

Have you watched the OTHER BOWL during Super Bowl Sunday? If you love dogs, the annual three-hour Puppy Bowl – this year will be Puppy Bowl XIX – is an adorable way to combine puppy antics with toys in the spirit of the “other game.” The actual purpose of the event is to raise awareness about pet adoptions using shelter pups who play for either Team Ruff or Team Fluff. In addition, the Puppy Bowl’s halftime show features adorable kittens and their antics.

What other marketing news stood out to you this week? Have you cheated and watched any Super Bowl ads yet? Only 9 more days until the best day for ads – and football too!

Image Credits: Disney and CNBC.

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