Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Five #LeadershipTips from the 2016 Presidential Campaign

Today is the 58th Presidential Election. Without a doubt, this election is the pinnacle of one of the most tumultuous campaigns in American history. Hopefully, our new leader can unite the country - Democrats and Republicans, old and young, members of all ethnicities, and followers of all beliefs - so that we can begin to heal from the campaign and solve our nation's very serious economic, health, climate, and global challenges.

So let's put politics aside because, with the campaign now history, leadership abilities take center stage. Since Inauguration Day is still 10 weeks away, here are five leadership tips that stood out during Campaign 2016.

Watch your behavior in the workplace. Don't orchestrate dissatisfaction among your employees because they will model their behavior on yours.

Watch your words. Always be courteous and professional. Don't use curse words or ethnic slurs. Your employees will model their lingo on yours - and they will also quote you.

Don't use social media as a tool to be negative about an employee or his or her work. Don't ever post information that you know isn't true or could possibly be false. Remember, anything posted on social media can be online forever, so make sure it is suitable for your board of directors and employees to see.

Clearly define your goals. Don't use a tagline in lieu of actionable strategies. Explain your goals to your employees, be transparent, and answer questions yourself. Don't use a surrogate who may use short phrases rather than answering questions.

Surround yourself with the best and the brightest. Avoid people with an excess of negative publicity and lack of knowledge. You are only as talented as the team around you.

What leadership tips stood out to you during the campaign? Please chime in.

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