Thursday, October 11, 2012

Key Management Mistakes to Avoid

Are you a new manager or are you a seasoned manager? Do you ever think you could do a better job than your boss or his or her boss? No matter how you describe the level of your managerial skills, you can always use a refresher.

Here’s a book you’ll want to check out: Ten Mistakes A Manager Should Avoid by Aditi Chopra. While Aditi’s background is in technology, her managerial insights are applicable to all industries.

So, if you aspire to be a successful manager, memorize these mistakes and avoid them at all costs:

[1] Don’t micromanage – delegate, delegate, delegate.

[2] Don’t allow distrust to fester – do whatever is necessary to gain the trust of your team.

[3] Don’t focus on your own personal achievement – if you don’t place the growth and development of your team at the top of your list, everyone will suffer.

[4] Don’t forget to reward employees – reward often and with value.

[5] Don’t flee from conflicts – deal with them with strength and composure.

[6] Don’t shy away from coaching employees – coaching is a win-win for both the manager and the employees.

[7] Don’t avoid building relationships with employees, direct reports, peers, supervisors, senior leaders, administrative assistants, vendors, customers, etc.

[8] Don’t ignore comments from your direct reports – listen to your employees and convey that you are genuinely listening.

[9] Don’t let your ego determine your behavior and how others treat you – an inflated ego may result in lack of trust, lack of respect, and lack of teamwork.

[10] Lack of being self-aware – be aware of your own feelings and emotional responses, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, but most of all, be aware that you are not perfect.

If you avoid these managerial mistakes, you will be a better manager. You will be respected, trusted, and surrounded by team members who give 110% for you. In the words of Aditi Chopra, “Managing people is not just a career, it’s a rewarding career.”

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