Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two weeks make a huge difference in the life of a logo - just ask the Gap

Last week, after time and money, the Gap unveiled its new logo. Now, this week, after capturing the attention of marketers, advertisers, competitors, and most importantly, consumers, the Gap announced that it would use its original logo instead of the new one.

Do you have whiplash yet?

While this change of events resurrected memories of the New Coke fiasco, for the Gap, the logo was the issue more than the actual product. Had the new logo been amazing and inspiring, perhaps, consumers would not have demonstrated such distaste. But, the new logo lacked imagination. In fact, it actually resembled the logo of another brand - that of a social media company that shall remain nameless.

Since this blogger was unimpressed with the look and feel of the Gap's new logo, I continue to believe that this entire campaign was an orchestrated publicity stunt by the Gap to generate interest in its brand. In today's challenging economy, brands need to stand out...and you just can't pay for the kind of attention that the Gap has received these past two weeks.

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