Monday, November 2, 2009

In Current Economy, Don’t Forget to Give Back

With 1 out of 10 Americans unemployed, many of us have extra time on our hands. In between sending resumes and networking, the question arises, what should we do with our extra time? The answer is simple and a win-win for everyone: contribute to your local community and become a volunteer.

In our youth, we may have learned about volunteerism by selling Girl Scout cookies or helping out at a food shelter. But, as adults, we can easily become overwhelmed with family and work responsibilities. However, the current economy has provided us with an opportunity to become re-acquainted with our local communities and, at the same time, make a positive impact on someone else’s life.

How do you find non-profits? One online resource,, asks for your zip code and then lists countless non-profits that need assistance for single events as well as long-term projects. You can also search by specific areas of interest, such as, mentoring, literacy, animals, environment, disabilities, music, art, etc. You can then contact the non-profits directly. Another online resource,, acts as a liaison between non-profits and individuals to raise the standard of leadership on non-profit Boards. Another site,, was developed by President Obama, who said earlier this summer, “I’m calling on all of you to make volunteerism and community service part of your daily life and the life of this nation…We need individuals, community organizations, corporations, foundations, and our government to be part of this effort.” These sites are just the tip of the iceberg. Once you start searching, you will find many, many more.

So, whatever your interest, whatever your time commitment, there is no doubt that you will gain satisfaction by knowing that you have helped others. And who knows? The non-profit may even offer you a paying job once you demonstrate your capabilities.

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